A rare photo of a snow leopard from northwestern Mongolia in 2014 ignites a Danish-Italian research expedition. A team of researchers travel 8,000 kilometers into the remote national park Silkhem B. to place 50 camera traps to examine how the snow leopard population is doing in the area.

The documentary Ghost of the Mountains follow the expedition on the three-week journey through the national park's icy mountain landscapes in search of snow leopards. The team lives with a small herder-family whose daily lives, the researchers quickly become part of.

The film gives a realistic insight into the aspects of scientific fieldwork and the researchers' efforts to preserve one of the world's most endangered species. It turns out that the situation for the snow leopard is far more critical than first thought, due to increasing domestic animals and humans in the area.

The film gives rise to reflection on the human role and its imprint on nature. If man and nature can't coexist in one of the most desolate places on earth - where then?

Realized as a co-production of the two main partners of the project, MUSE Science Museum and The Natural History Museum of Denmark, the film Ghost of the Mountains narrates
the 2015 expedition and the results of the investigation.


Frederik Wolff Teglhus

Director and Cinematographer

Anders Obbekjær


Francesco Rovero

Biologist, PhD. & Project coordinator

Jukhan Mergenbai

Altai Mountain Ranger, Field researcher

Simone Tenan

Scientific planning and analyst

Annalisa Brambilla

Director and Cinematogrrapher

Johan Assing Høyer


Rasmus Havmøller

Biologist, PhD.

Claudio Groff

Expert on big carnivores, IUCN

Fabio Pupin


Anders Drud Jordan




Claudio Augugliaro

Scientific representative, local partner

Fridolin Zimmermann

PhD. in conservation and ecology

Choikhand Janchivlamdan

Local scientific partner

Behind the scenes